For as long as I can remember I have defined myself by my ability to write.

When I was younger putting pen to paper was an outlet, a way to conjure just about anything I wanted and to make it real.

As I grew up, I realised that this ability meant more than just being able to create stories, but as a powerful way to argue, to investigate, to engage and persuade.

When studying history I realised that my passion wasn’t just for the subject matter in of itself, but also for the process of building a watertight, persuasive argument whether in 300 words or 10,000. I discovered real enjoyment in the balancing act between the creative and the objective, between the narratively engaging and the intellectually stimulating.

In the events industry I was able to add a third vital skillset to the abilities of writing and persuasion: commercial acumen.

Across industries stretching from finance to education, across markets as diverse as the Philippines and the UK, I have spent my career building and marketing events to the widest cross-section of audiences imaginable.

Writing. Persuasion. Commercial acumen.

On this site you can find examples of my work across blog content, white papers, EDM, print, website copy and more.

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